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Become A Bit Smarter By Learning These Seven History Tidbits That Most People Don’t Know About

Do you remember sitting through history class, barely keeping yourself awake because your teacher bored you to death? You may not have many fond memories of being forced to memorize random dates and details about historical figures, but there’s more to world history than what you’re taught at school. To prove our point, we’ve compiled seven curious tidbits that will pique your interest. You may even end up sharing them with your friends and impressing them with your vast knowledge!

Suddenly, being part of the French royal family was convenient

Few things changed our society as much as the French Revolution. Because of it, the relationship between the ruled and those they governed shifted radically, and the nature of political power was redefined. However, this event brought about a peculiar conflict.

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After the French Revolution, eight-year-old Louis XVII was imprisoned and never seen again. Since a Bourbon restoration was always possible, over 100 people claimed to be Marie Antoinette’s dead son to become the next king of France. Talk about not having qualms.

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