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Before he Was a Monarch: Here Are Five Interesting Facts About King Charles III

King Charles was crowned as king following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, in 2023. The public knows him as always being a royal, but he had a life before he became King. While there are many well-known facts about him, there are also many interesting facts many don’t know. Here are five things that will shock you about King Charles III.

He’s a Scorpio

If you’re familiar with the British monarch system, you know that not all princes become kings. However, as for King Charles III, he had been heir apparent since he was just three years old.

Courtesy: NBC Chicago

King Charles was born at 9:14 pm on the 14th of November, 1948, which makes him a Scorpio! To Queen Elizabeth II (who was Princess then) and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, he was born at Buckingham Palace in London.

His education set a standard

While UK monarchs might be self-exposed and formally educated to an extent, none of them had a university degree– until King Charles III. King Charles studied history at Cambridge University from 1967 to 1970.

Courtesy: NBC Chicago

Aside from being the first UK monarch to get a university degree, he also learned how to speak Welsh for two months in 1969. He learned the language as he prepared to become the Prince of Wales.

He learned professional skills

King Charles III served in the military when he was younger, just like many other members of the British royal family. While serving in the military, he had some major training.

Courtesy: We are the Mighty

He trained as a jet and helicopter pilot; the monarch also became an accomplished diver. He explored popular shipwrecks like King Henry VIII’s flagship, The Mary Rose. He also has skills like watercolor painting, writing, and cello playing.

He didn’t just set one record

King Charles III isn’t just an interesting character; he’s also a one-of-a-kind pacesetter. Although he was heir apparent since he was a kid, he became a king several decades later.

Courtesy: Vanity Fair

At the age of 73, King Charles III became the oldest monarch to be crowned in British history. One of his two sons, Prince William, who was named Prince of Wales in 2022, is next in line to become King.

UK isn’t where his authority ends

As the King of the United Kingdom, King Charles III is also the reigning monarch in 13 countries. In addition to the United Kingdom, he is the monarch in Jamaica, Australia, and Canada.

Courtesy: US Weekly

The interesting part is that he is the only person in the United Kingdom who can drive without a license and even travel without a passport. It won’t be wrong to call him an international citizen. Long Live the King!

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