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Beyond Watergate: These Outrageous Political Scandals Made Headlines Around The Globe

Former French president Charles de Gaulle once said, “Politics is too serious a matter to be left to politicians.” The following episodes prove that he was right. While some people get involved in politics out of a genuine, selfless desire to change the world, others run for public office out of greed, wishing to improve their own lifestyles with resources they otherwise wouldn’t have access to. Fortunately, the following scandals didn’t go unpunished. Public backlash forced them to either apologize, resign, or go to jail.

Prince Harry’s Nazi costume

We’ve all made regretful decisions during our teenage years. There were probably times when we shouldn’t have drunk as much, studied last minute for a test, or dated somebody whose intentions weren’t the purest. However, we can confidently say that we’ve never worn a Nazi costume.

Image courtesy of Telegraph

When he was 20 years old, Prince Harry was photographed at a private party wearing a Nazi insignia on his arm. After facing huge public backlash, the Prince and Palace issued an official apology. Harry referred to this flagrant issue in his autobiography, Spare.

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