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Can’t Get to the Emerald Isle for St. Paddy’s? How Different Countries Celebrate The Holiday

Although St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish festival, Ireland isn’t the country where the festival is a big deal. Different countries all over the world go gloriously green for the popular festival. The most interesting thing about celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in these countries is that their diverse cultures add a unique touch to the whole celebration. Here are five places that channel Ireland on St. Paddy’s Day.

Montreal, Canada

Being the most European city in North America, Montreal has been celebrating St. Patrick’s Day elaborately for several decades. The city holds a famous parade each year to celebrate the festival- this year’s parade will be 198th!

Courtesy: Global News

Ever since 1824, the people of Montreal have held a marching parade featuring a massive St. Patrick, bagpipes, floats, and marching bands. The only time the parade didn’t happen was when it was canceled before 2020.

London, England

Considering the fact that London isn’t so far from St. Patrick’s homeland, it only makes sense that the city goes all green for the festival. There is always a yearly parade that starts at the heart of the city, Hyde Park Corner.

Courtesy: TimeOut

An entertainment festival usually occurs for hours at Trafalgar Square after the paraders have passed some of the city’s landmarks. At the festival, famous musicians perform live; various Irish pubs around the square also host different events.


Aside from Ireland, Montserrat is one of the few places where St. Patrick’s Day is declared a public holiday. As a Caribbean island, which was a 17th-century Irish Catholic settlement, it’s not surprising that the city goes all out to celebrate the festival. It’s even called the other Emerald Isle.

Courtesy: Lonely Planet

The city holds a 10-day festival, which also celebrates the first slave trade rebellion. The festival celebration features a series of lectures, a street parade, and a shamrock-shaped stamp on passports. 

Munich, Germany

Munich is another destination where you can feel the St. Patrick’s Day vibe in all its glory. There is always a pre-parade occasion featuring dance and music on Saturday before the parade on Sunday.

Courtesy: Destination Munich

Shutting down Leopold Street, the Bavarian celebration involves a parade of a green sea of floats and performers. After the parade, a street food that features international food and live Celtic music performances is held in Odeonsplatz.

Chicago, Illinois

The Windy City has been in the business of colorful St. Patrick’s Day celebrations for over 50 years. On the Saturday before St. Paddy’s Day, the river is dyed green in commemoration of the Irish festival.

Courtesy: City Experiences

The river remains green for some hours as people gather to take pictures along the river. On St. Patrick’s Day, a large crowd gathers for the annual parade, which features bagpipers going up Columbus Drive and Irish step dancers entertaining thousands of spectators.

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