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Don’t Mess With Women: These Seven Historical Figures Show How Determined Ladies Can Be

Can you think of famous women who have shaped the course of history? We bet you can’t name more than five or six, right? However, the truth is that our society has seen several fiercely intelligent, ambitious, and passionate ladies who have changed the world for good through activism, art, science, and politics. Here we’ll talk about seven prominent figures that redefined what it meant to be an inspiring role model. Let their fascinating stories encourage you to pursue your goals!

Stephanie Wilson’s love for astronomy took her far

Of the 570 people launched into space until now, only 65 have been women. That’s roughly 11% representation on the launchpad. Still, this doesn’t mean some women haven’t been brave enough to participate in the NASA astronaut-training program.

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Stephanie Wilson, for instance, is the second African American woman to leave Earth and venture into outer space. To date, the 56-year-old astronaut has flown three Space Shuttle missions and loves giving talks about her work to inspire young ladies worldwide.

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