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Father’s Day Special: Here’s How Father’s Day Is Celebrated All Around The World

Father’s Day, a special occasion dedicated to honoring and appreciating fathers and father figures, is celebrated with great enthusiasm in numerous countries around the world. This heartfelt celebration recognizes the immense contributions of fathers, the pivotal role they play in their children’s lives, and the unconditional love they provide. Each country brings its own unique customs and traditions to this occasion, making Father’s Day a cherished event globally. In this article, we will explore how Father’s Day is celebrated in these diverse countries, delving into the distinctive ways in which this day is observed, highlighting the values and sentiments associated with fatherhood, and showcasing the rich cultural tapestry that makes this global celebration truly remarkable.

The United States, Canada, And The UK

Americans, Canadians, and the British celebrate International Father’s Day in one of the most common and cliched ways that we know about. The celebrations are full of joy and involve a lot of gift-giving.

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Another distinctive method that is usually associated with Father’s Day celebrations in these countries involves giving a Father’s Day card to your father or the father figure in your life.

Australia And New Zealand

The Aussies decided to celebrate Father’s Day on a little different date than what the entire world is used to. In Australia and New Zealand, Father’s Day is celebrated on the first day of Spring.

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It is said that the month of September was chosen for this holiday because the conventional month in which International Father’s Day fell was full of holidays already. Therefore it was more sensible to celebrate this day on another date.


The Brazilian Father’s Day falls on the second Sunday of August. In Brazil, Father’s Day is the holiday that is dedicated to honoring St. Joachim, who was the father of the Virgin Mary according to the Christian tradition.

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Here as well, children decorate Father’s Day cards for their father figures and fill them up with words of appreciation.

Spain, Portugal, And Italy

In honor of Joseph of Nazareth, better known as Jesus Christ’s father, many Roman Catholic Countries like Spain, Portugal, and Italy celebrate Father’s Day on the feast of St. Joseph.

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Celebrated on 19th March every year, these countries celebrate Father’s Day a little early than the rest of the world but stick to the custom of expressing gratitude towards their father figures.


In Germany, Father’s Day (or Vatertag) is celebrated on Ascension Day; a Christian holiday celebrated on the 40th day after Easter. It always falls on a Thursday in May.

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Vatertag is a national holiday, and in most areas of the country, the following Friday is as well, so many celebrate with a 4-day weekend filled with outdoor Father’s Day activities and a few beers.

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