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Feeling Intrigued Is Only Natural After Seeing These UFO Sightings

Would you be skeptical about life on other planets if we told you that the U.S. government has funded programs to investigate the so-called UFOs for decades? And would you think that aliens are real after hearing that American political figures have admitted that those little green men may exist? We can’t tell what your answers will be, but we can offer you insight into the most impressive UFO sightings of the 21st Century. It’s up to you whether you still believe that we’re alone in the universe!

Lights above the New Jersey Turnpike (2001)

Let’s go back to July 14, 2001. On a hot summer night, a bunch of motorists decided to stop alongside the New Jersey Turnpike to look up at the starry sky, only to find a unique sight above them.

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The drivers were speechless after seeing multiple orange-and-yellow lights in an unusual V formation over the Arthur Kill Waterway. To reinforce the theory that such an event was related to UFOs, air traffic controllers denied that airplanes, military craft, or space flights could have caused the mysterious phenomenon.

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