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Female Leaders: These Five Women Show How Powerful Ladies Can Be

When you think of the rulers of the ancient world, what prominent figures pop into your mind? Hammurabi, Julius Caesar, Ramses, and other powerful men, right? It’s only natural that they’re the first people to come to your mind, as history was written by male scholars. However, the ancient world wasn’t ruled by guys only. A few female leaders now deserve recognition for their prosperous reigns, outstanding courage, and excellent decision-making skills. Let’s meet five of them!

Cleopatra VII

For being one of the most influential women in history, Cleopatra is shrouded in a veil of mystery. Most stories about this Egyptian Pharaoh picture her as a femme fatale who stole the hearts of Roman rulers Julius Caesar and Marc Antony. However, she was much more than that.

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It turns out that Cleopatra VII was a fearsome leader and brilliantly astute politician. During her rule between 51 and 30 BC, she brought much-needed peace and prosperity to a country devastated by bankruptcy and split by civil war. What an impressive figure!

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