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From Cheese To Hot Dogs, Take A Look At This Summarized Food Timeline

In 2013, Dutch pharmacologist and professor at Maastricht University Mark Post, surprised everyone with a concept that seemed taken from a sci-fi film. He created the first burger patty grown directly from cells. Nowadays, the sky’s the limit when it comes to food consumption, and it’s impossible to predict what future food trends will look like. Let’s travel back in time to see how we got to this point, starting from the 9th century, as we embark on a (delicious) journey through the history of food.

1000-1500: our favorite cheese is born

The year 1170 may seem unimportant at first glance, but it was the time when one of the most popular cheeses was first documented. It could be argued that American comfort food couldn’t exist without it.

Image courtesy of NYTimes

Though Joseph Harding would later modernize the recipe for Cheddar, the orange cheese was invented during this period. Also, the oldest butter exports were recorded in the 12th century, an incredibly relevant event for our taste buds.

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