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From Old Jails To Renaissance Palazzos, These Five Historical Buildings Were Turned Into Luxurious Hotels

When we watch historical movies depicting monarchs walking down grand palace stairs, it’s impossible not to fantasize about traveling back in time to experience a similar lifestyle. Though time travel does not exist, we can still visit the emblematic buildings where significant historical events took place. In fact, we can even spend the night there! Today, we’ll present you with five iconic structures from around the world that have been turned into elegant hotels, allowing their guests to have a one-of-a-kind, five-stars-at-Tripadvisor stay.

Il Salviatino, Italy

Have you ever wanted to stay inside an old Italian palace? Then, you must book a room in Il Salviatino. This restored palazzo used to belong to the noble Salviati family, who renovated it in the 16th century. Located in Florence, it opened its doors to history-curious guests in 2001.

Image courtesy of LePoint

Fun fact: its old wooden library used to be visited by Spanish artist Salvador Dalí. In the Salviatino, you can relax in the magnificent terraced gardens filled with fountains and perfectly manicured shrubbery. You can also admire a 19th-century fresco by Augusto Bruschi.

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