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George Washington Was More Than a Political Icon; These Interesting Facts About Him Are Proof

The Father of America, George Washington, isn’t an icon that needs so much introduction. We all know him to be a brave military and intelligent political leader. George Washington was America’s first president, and he was a great example to all his successors. However, there are many things about this great man you don’t know about, so here they are.

His formal schooling was stunted

George Washington’s principles made him one of the most brilliant presidents of America. However, he was mostly self-taught as he didn’t have the opportunity to go to college. He had to leave school at age 15 when his father died.

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Since his mother didn’t remarry and he had five younger siblings, he had to step into a leadership position at a young age. His map-making skills as a land surveyor helped him serve during the French and Indian War. Today, many universities bear his name.

Aside from America, he also loved animals

Washington also made history as the first person to breed a mule. He is credited with creating the mule stock that enhanced American agriculture for several generations.

Courtesy: Mount Vernon

The Father of America also had many dog breeds at Mount Vernon; they included French hounds, mastiffs, spaniels, Dalmatians, pointers, Italian Greyhounds, terriers, and others. His dogs, which he particularly bred for speed, had cute names like Madame Moose, Taster, and Sweet Lips.

He was a great father, not just biologically

George Washington married a wealthy young widow, Martha Custis, and became a legal guardian to her two kids, Jacky and Patsy, aged two and four at that time. He was so fond of them that he became depressed when Patsy died of epileptic seizures at age 17.

He constantly wrote letters of advice to the kids, warning his stepdaughter not to marry for the wrong reason and his stepson to have more discipline. He and Martha never had kids of their own; from Martha’s measles to George’s tuberculosis, there are many speculated reasons.

His teeth? They are not what you think they are

One of the most common physical features people ‘preach’ about Washington is his wooden teeth. While it’s true that Washington had false teeth because he ruined them by cracking walnuts with them when he was younger, his false teeth weren’t wooden.

Washington’s teeth were made using gold, carved animal bones, ivory, and human teeth bought from his slaves. With false teeth, he ate his favorite hoecakes breakfast. The fake teeth greatly inconvenienced him- that was probably why he rarely smiled. 

He dodged death many times

Although he lost more battles than he won during the Revolutionary War, George Washington had some narrow escapes from death. An Indian chief once remarked that Washington had a higher power guiding his life, making him immune to bullets.

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He survived having two horses shot out from under him and four bullets that made holes in his coat. He also survived smallpox, pneumonia, tuberculosis, carbuncle, malaria, dysentery, and Quinsy. He eventually died from epiglottis, an infection that would be curable with antibiotics today. 

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