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Here Are Five Traditional Ways Of Celebrating Mother’s Day Around The World

The second Sunday in May is often marked by a bouquet, breakfast in bed, homemade cards, and other tokens of affection for Mom. Mother’s Day in America has been an official holiday since 1914. But in other parts of the world, honoring mothers is a rite based on local traditions and customs, some centuries old and others surprisingly new. Today, we will take you on a quick trip around the world to see how moms are celebrated in different countries and to get some ideas for this special day!

France: Medals for Mom

In 1920, the French government began awarding medals to mothers of large families in appreciation for their assistance in rebuilding the population after the many lives lost in World War I. Following World War II, the government declared the last Sunday in May to be Mother’s Day.

Photo: Annie Andre

Nowadays, a flower-shaped cake has replaced the traditional gift. Awarding medals for bringing children into the world is out of date, but expressing gratitude never goes out of style, mostly when you are showing your children how to do so.

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