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Here Is One For The Bookworms: These Are The Best-Selling Books In History

Do you remember when your mother read you bedtime stories? This endearing experience was the first time we could get close to the world of literature and its magical ability to help us escape reality for a few minutes. Now that we’re adults, we must choose which books to explore on our own. So, if you wish to know what story should be next on your reading list, here you’ll find some of the best-selling literary works of all time.

“The Bible”

If you know a thing or two about history, you probably know that some books have been around for quite some time. Take the Bible, for example. It was first printed in 1455 by Johann Gutenberg, the printing press inventor, and is still relevant today.

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So far, the Bible has sold at least 5 billion copies worldwide. That isn’t the only record this sacred book has broken. The Bible is also the most translated literary work in history. It isn’t surprising, though; Christianity is the world’s largest religion, after all.

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