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Not Everything Is What It Seems: These Key Historical Figures Are Often Portrayed In A Different Light

Sometimes, online misinformation and Hollywood clichés influence how we conceive some of the world’s historical figures. After watching stereotyped films and reading biased statements on social media, we begin to believe some misguided information about their lives. Fortunately, historians work hard to debunk these myths and spread reliable facts. From an Egyptian queen to a famous Italian explorer, the true stories of these five historically relevant figures are bound to surprise (and sometimes outrage) you.


Most people see Cleopatra as the ancient-Egyptian equivalent of Marilyn Monroe. She was known for her beauty and dated the Roman generals Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. However, it wouldn’t be fair to reduce her to her looks and relationships. In fact, Cleopatra was a ruler herself.

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Though she began ruling with her father, she later became Queen of Egypt, the Kingdom’s last active ruler. She was the chief religious authority in her realm and oversaw the construction of various temples for Greek and Egyptian gods and a synagogue for the Jews.

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