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NYC Museums You’ve Probably Never Heard Of: These Niche Museums Are Rich In Important History 

Generally, museums are filled with items that take us back to historical times. However, some museums offer visitors something more than regular history- and there are many such museums in New York City. Aside from the Guggenheim and others, the city has niche museums that showcase unique things. Here are five smaller, niche museums in New York that many have not heard of.

The Noguchi Museum

Located on the 33rd Road in Long Island City, the Noguchi museum was founded by Isamu Noguchi, a Japanese-American artist, in 1985. Situated close to famous museums like the Museum of the Moving Image, it’s surprisingly a lesser-known museum.

Courtesy: Museeum

The museum has 12 galleries that showcase Noguchi’s work, which are modern sculptures made with natural elements. The Noguchi Museum is a relaxed environment contrary to the hustle and bustle of the city. The museum is open Wednesday-Sunday.

Museum of Mathematics

We know you’re already thinking of something overly complicated or boring- well, this museum is nothing of the sort. Located on East 26th Street, the Museum of Mathematics is a kid-friendly museum that showcases mathematics in a fun way. Yes, we said ‘fun.’

This museum educates visitors visually and experimentally- think of it as an educational amusement park. You can experience how mathematics results in the manipulation of color and light. The Museum of Mathematics opens every day.

The Morbid Anatomy Museum

Located on 3rd Avenue in Brooklyn, this museum is the perfect place for you to visit if you’re interested in learning about the morbid history of the human race. What do you think this museum exhibits?

Courtesy: Wikipedia

As expected, the Morbid Anatomy Museum features artifacts, death-focused writings, skulls, and taxidermied animals to pique the interest of any lover of morbid anatomy. It is a museum that highlights the different cultural practices about death. The museum is only closed on Tuesdays.

The Museum of the American Gangster

Located on St. Mark’s Place, the Museum of the American Gangster highlights the history of organized crime in America. The exhibits at this museum go far deeper than Hollywood has shown us about these American gangsters.

Courtesy: Joe Laszlo’s

There are original newspapers, photos, and documents that tell visitors more about 20th-century gangsters in America. The museum also exhibits John Dillinger’s death mask and other items. The museum opens daily; you should visit this museum if you love crime stories.

The City Reliquary

Located on Metropolitan Avenue in Brooklyn, this museum highlights memorable moments in the life of the New Yorkers. It is a community museum that walks visitors through the everyday happenings in New York through the decades.

The museum exhibits historical souvenirs like original subway tokens, signs from famous historical buildings, baseball memorabilia, and others. All the exhibits are ordered by their decades. The museum is open Thursday through Sunday.

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