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Spoiler Alert: These Alternative History Films Let Us Imagine A Completely Different World

The “What if?” question messes with our minds all the time. What if we hadn’t met our partner in crime? Would we’ve fallen for someone else instead? What if we hadn’t said that embarrassing thing at the party? Filmmakers have also been tempted with counterfactual questions. Using their talent, they’ve allowed viewers to imagine alternative realities and see them come to life for two hours on the big screen. Check out these five alternative movies that will make your mind explode!

The Beatles were never real in “Yesterday”

The Beatles will go down in history as one of the best rock groups of all time. Their songs are as appreciated now as they were in the 1960s when the four young band members from Liverpool first stood on a stage.

Image courtesy of MichaelKling

But what if they were never real? This is the question Richard Curtis, the Love Actually writer, wanted to answer in Yesterday. In the romantic comedy film, a struggling musician suddenly finds himself in a world where he’s the only one who remembers The Beatles.

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