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The Horrifying Truth: These Are The Sinister Stories Of Some Infamous Serial Killers

If there’s one thing we’ve learned after years of watching true crime shows, it’s that murderers have the unsettling ability to blend into their surroundings with seamless normality. More often than not, these sinister people hold jobs and have ordinary families despite being monsters that wouldn’t miss the chance to attack you. But who are those dangerous criminals that terrorized the world with their despicable acts? Here are six serial killers who fooled everyone into thinking they were just a friendly guy next door.

Jeffrey Dahmer

Last year, serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer saw a rise in popularity after the docu-series Dahmer, starring Evan Peters, was released on Netflix. And while the show didn’t try to sugarcoat this serial killer’s horrid story, it’s shocking to think of what this man has done.

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A college drop-out, Dahmer led a tranquil life, living with various family members and settling in his Milwaukee apartment later on as he looked for young black men to assault and kill. His body count was a whopping 17 by the time he was caught and imprisoned.

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