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These Are Some Of The Great Breakthroughs That Shaped The Way We Live Today

Humans are a highly creative species. From the very first day we managed to stand on two feet, we’ve been devising things to improve our lives. Our capacity to come up with new inventions is virtually endless. Although it’s impossible to highlight all the innovations that changed the world, some stand out as undeniably transformative. So, we’ve made a list of five significant breakthroughs that unmistakably impacted humanity. Are you ready to learn about them?

Writing changed humanity forever

Can you imagine a world without writing? To be honest, we can’t. How would we learn of times before our own? It’d be impossible. Would there be a way to express our thoughts and feelings without words? Probably not.

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It has yet to be determined when humans developed the first writing system. Still, it’s believed that the first one originated in Mesopotamia, where Sumerians left wedge-shaped marks on clay tablets using a blunt reed for a stylus. We owe everything to those guys!

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