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These Extravagant Celebrity Weddings Seem Taken From a Fairytale

Many people agree that tying the knot was the most memorable moment of their life. Some have dreamed of their wedding since they were a child, planning their ideal location and fantasizing about the perfect dress. When you don’t have a high budget, like these celebrities, the sky’s the limit when it comes to planning a unique (and luxurious) ceremony. From stunning designer dresses to exquisite food, check out these 20th-century weddings that made history.

Rita Hayworth and Prince Aly Khan (1949)

The movie star’s affair with the married playboy prince scandalized Hollywood. People had even begun a movement to boycott her films! Perceptions started to change when Khan filed for divorce and tied the knot with Hayworth in a village in Southern France.

Image courtesy of LATimes

Hayworth and the Khan invited over 500 guests, who consumed 600 bottles of champagne and 50 pounds of caviar. If this wasn’t extravagant enough, Rita cut the wedding cake with a glass sword she’d purchased in a Parisian antique shop!

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