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These Rare Historical Photos Won’t Be Featured In History Books

Whether it’s to discover what your city looked like in the past or to mend a personal mistake, chances are that you’ve been tempted by the idea of time travel at least once in your life. But, even if you can’t get inside a DeLorean to magically appear at a different age, you can travel by looking at pictures. From one of the last samurai warriors to the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew, check out these five original photographs you’ve likely never seen before.

A special White House visit (1983)

Presidents are used to greeting foreign chiefs of state and other people who work in high positions of power. They often welcome them with a firm handshake and then proceed to sit for a talk several feet apart. This wasn’t the case when Muhammad Ali met Ronald Reagan.

Image courtesy of Reddit

During a White House visit, President Reagan greeted the professional heavyweight boxer and activist with a fake playful punch. We’re guessing that it wasn’t the first time Ali was asked to pose like that, but it was likely the most memorable one.

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