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Traveling Back In Time: Take A Look At Seven Extinct Cultures That Seem To Have Been Forgotten By History

If you’ve paid enough attention to your history classes, you know that Egyptians built impressive pyramids, the Greeks made beautiful sculptures, and the Romans had a vast empire. But did you know that there are certain long-lost cultures that we rarely hear about? Prepare yourself because you’re about to discover seven ancient civilizations that don’t get the recognition they deserve. Are you ready to go back in time and explore an unseen side of human history? Let’s go!

The Nok

Although it’s believed that the first humans came from Africa at least 250,000 years ago, little is known about the ancient cultures that inhabited this continent. Take the Nok civilization, for instance. Have you ever read about them when you went to high school? Of course not.

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The Nok people lived in northern Nigeria from 1000 B.C. to A.D. 300. The only things left of this puzzling civilization revolve around terracotta artworks and iron tools. Other than that, most details of the Nok, like their culture and social organization, remain a mystery.

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