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Who Were the Key Players of the Roman Empire?

The Roman Empire is indisputably one of the greatest eras mankind has ever witnessed. Its popularity stretches far and wide, inspiring modern design, education, architecture, and civilization. From its inception in 476 A.D., the Roman Empire has witnessed several rulers, emperors, and key leaders who pivoted its success. But who were these key leaders, and how did they project Rome’s success?

Pirates Once kidnapped this Roman Leader 

Julius Caesar was a fundamental leader of the Roman Empire whose popularity grew wild. Born on 12 July 100 B.C. into the influential Julian family, Julius Caesar became the dictator in (46-44 B.C.), centralizing the Roman Empire in his hands. 

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As a skilled warlord, he won the Gallic Wars (58–50 B.C.), Caesar’s civil war (49–45 B.C.), and the Alexandrian War. He implemented numerous political and social reforms. He developed the Julian Calendar, which serves as a basis for the modern calendar.  

Who Would Have Known She Was A Product Of Incest?

Born in 69 B.C. to a royal Greek family, Cleopatra VII Philopator is another notable leader known for her relationship with Julius Caesar. She was popular for her intelligence and harnessing her relationships with Mark Antony and Julius Caesar to ascend the throne. 

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She became queen of Egypt (51–30 BC) after the Alexandrian War. Years later, she was defeated in the Battle of Actium and thereafter committed suicide. Cleopatra is mentioned in over 50 ancient Roman biographies and remains one of Hollywood’s most depicted figures. 

The Month Of August Was Named After Him

Augustus Caesar (63 BC – 14 A.D.) was the first ruler of the Roman Empire who became the Roman Emperor in 27 B.C. until he died in A.D. 14. Born to Gaius Octavius and adopted by Julius Caesar, Augustus expanded the Roman Empire and doubled its land mass during his tenure. 


He reformed Rome’s taxation system and built an outstanding road network via his courier system. He also rebuilt the city of Rome and set up a firefighting service. Augustus is considered one of the most successful of the Roman Empire and was known for his generosity. 

Murder Was His Favorite Activity

Many historians view Herod as a tyrant. His reign was known as “The Massacre of The Innocent” in the Bible. He was born in 72 BCE and rose to power, all thanks to his father’s relationship with Julius Caesar


Herod took charge of numerous building projects and employed advanced technology to transform Judea. His reign suffered a negative reputation as he regularly demanded high taxes from the people to fund his lavish lifestyle. 

Betrayal Didn’t Go Too Well For Him

Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus, popularly called Pompey the Great, was born on 29 Sept. 106 BC. He was a young general who joined hands with Caesar. He strengthened this relationship by marrying Caesar’s daughter, Julia

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After the death of Julia, he switched sides with the opposing party with the aim of unseating Caesar. This led to Caesar’s civil war, and Pompey was defeated. He sought refuge in Ptolemaic Egypt but was later assassinated. 

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