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These Thought-Provoking Films Are More Entertaining Than A History Lesson

To be enjoyable, a historical film needs to meet several conditions: have engaging dialogue, historically accurate costumes and props, excellent sound and visual effects, and, above all, tell a story that either took place or could’ve taken place in the past. The following films tick all those boxes! While some depict large-scale events like wars, others center on college debate teams and FBI investigations. So look for a bucket of popcorn, sit comfortably on your couch, and get ready to watch these critically acclaimed historical dramas!

“Schindler’s List” (1993)

The first movie is set in German-occupied Poland during WW2. Concerned with the advance of Nazi persecution, industrialist Oskar Schindler saves Jewish refugees by employing them in his factory.

Image courtesy of Sensacine

This Steven Spielberg masterpiece, which features an outstanding performance by Liam Neeson, took home the Academy Award for Best Picture. The Library of Congress described it as “culturally and historically significant.”

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