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“A Single Piece Of Paper Cannot Decide Your Future”: These Extremely Successful People Never Finished College

The pursuit of a college degree has long been regarded as the quintessential pathway to success. Armed with knowledge, skills, and credentials, individuals have traditionally embarked upon this academic journey to secure brighter futures and lucrative career prospects. However, a closer examination of history reveals that while college degrees have undeniably propelled numerous individuals towards triumph, there exists a group of extraordinary individuals who have defied conventional wisdom and achieved remarkable success without the completion of their college education. This article sheds light on five such trailblazers, whose stories not only challenge the notion of a degree as a prerequisite for prosperity but also inspire us to embrace alternative routes in the pursuit of our dreams.

Steve Jobs

Chances are, you are reading this article on an Apple product like an iPhone or a Macbook. However, did you know that the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, never actually finished college?

Credit: Biography

Probably the “most popular college dropout” ever, Jobs explained that just after his first semester at college, he ran out of money because of which he had to quit.

Mark Zuckerberg

We all have used Facebook at least once in our life ever since we became part of the Internet. However, did you know that even Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, dropped out of his college pretty early?

Credit: Wikipedia

Mark explained that when his social media platform was relatively less popular and still under development, he dropped out of college to focus on Facebook full-time.

Tiger Woods

One of the most popular names in the history of sports, Tiger Woods was yet another personality who decided to quit college early to focus on practicing his sport full-time.

Credit: Wikipedia

After his sophomore year, Woods decided that he would drop our of Stanford and pursue golf professionally. Although he once admitted that he would like to spend more time, if possible, at Stanford.

Bill Gates

Another business tycoon who monopolized the way we imagined personal computers. The founder of Microsoft hesitated to finish his college tenure as well.

Credit: Wikipedia

But in Bill Gates’s case, he did not drop out of college once, but he did it twice! We don’t know about you, but we never met someone bold enough to drop out of a college like Harvard, not once but twice!

Brad Pitt

Let’s just say Brad Pitt was one of those rare cases who ‘almost’ graduated from their college. The Oscar-winning actor dropped out of his college when he had just two more weeks left until his graduation!

Credit: Wikipedia

We know it might sound a little too-insane to be true, but according to the actor, he was “done” with his college and knew exactly where he wanted to go in his life.

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