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The Industrial Revolution: Why These Inventions Changed The World Forever

The Industrial Revolution might be one of the most significant events in history. Well, “event” isn’t the right word since it was more of a process that lasted from 1760 to the 1820s-1840s. The previous Agricultural Revolution allowed farmers to produce larger quantities of raw materials, which inspired manufacturers to make their processes more efficient. Better access to food meant populations grew, and factory owners saw they could make a lot more money by increasing production. How did this period of the past shape the future and present world? Here are the most meaningful inventions this era brought!

The Steam Engine

How could we not start with the steam engine? Every depiction of Britain during this era, and even from later times, features giant plumes of smoke and steam, as well as a locomotive or two. Nevertheless, trains weren’t the only machines this technology served for.

Photo: Andy Dingley/Wikimedia Commons

Although steam engines had existed for a while, James Watt’s version, created in 1769, made it significantly more efficient. This allowed it to spread to many industries, such as mining, transport, and textile manufacturing. Ships also became faster, and transatlantic travel became more accessible.

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